Performance Review: Three years later, ‘Tomatoes’ still ripe

Rudwin Ayala

On Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25, Quinnipiac’s student organization 4th Wall Theater produced the comedy “Don’t Throw the Tomatoes” at the Clarice L. Buckman Theater, which consisted of students performing in 20 funny skits from shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “Mad TV”.

As soon as the lights dimmed, the audience was into it. Starting and ending with such well-known “Saturday Night Live” skits as “Celebrity Jeopardy” and the “Spartan Cheerleaders” made no difference, the laughs continued straight through the entire show. One of the better skits came right after the band “The Experience” played an enjoyable short intermission. The “Senior Yearly Update” was performed by seniors Tara McDonald of East Setauket, N.Y. and Conor O’Brien of Medway, Mass. In the skit, McDonald and O’Brien poked fun at problems facing Quinnipiac today, such as the issue with commuters being banned from Dorm Road, a Halloween party at a private off-campus house that resulted in 12 Quinnipiac students getting expelled, and the changes taking place at this year’s “May Weekend” celebration, one of which includes the school’s decision to leave out the famous “beer tent”. The skit was brilliantly strung together by both McDonald and O’Brien.

Much praise must also be given to the directors of the show, Lauren Schwab and Rosie Flammang. Big shoes were left to be filled after Erin Rosa, original co-director of “Don’t Throw the Tomatoes”, graduated last year, but the Schwab-Flammang duo demonstrated that they were fully capable of putting together a show to be enjoyed by all. The actors can’t be short-changed either. They all worked great together and some barely even cracked a smile the entire night.

One thing that was hard to understand is why the show was so crowded. High attendance was expected, but there weren’t enough seats to house everyone. People who had bought tickets in advance were forced to sit on the floor right in front of the stage. Not only was this an obvious inconvenience for them, but a couple of times seemed to be inconvenient for the actors, as they utilized the front of the stage and as they came into the audience at the beginning of the show. Perhaps this could have been avoided with proper ticket count and a little more organization, but let this not take away from the night’s great performances.

So hold on to those tomatoes tonight. The show set out to entertain, and it did just that. With all proceeds going to underprivileged children and families in Nicaragua, this not only proved to be a memorable night of comedy for those in attendance, but also a charitable event that will benefit those truly in need. Congratulations to all who

participated in the show.