Nicaragua benefit dinner raises $1,700

Lisa Odierno

On Feb. 26, the students traveling to Nicaragua for spring break served up a feast to their peers and faculty. The all-you-can-eat pasta dinner saw a crowd of at least 500, raising approximately $1, 700 to help defray the cost of the trip. Donations will also be made to the families and schools they will be working with during the week.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but my goal was around $300-$500,” said Jackie Trojanowski, junior social services major. Trojanowski attended the trip last spring and is helping to plan this year’s alternative spring break.

“Within 15 minutes of the doors opening we had lines all the way back to the bookstore. The amount of people and money amazed me and I think it was a great opportunity for the Quinnipiac environment to come together as a community for a great cause,” Trojanowski said.

More than 20 trays of various pasta dishes were served from Primo Pizza. Chartwells staff stayed late to cook extra pasta and donated cooking supplies and salad. Student-produced videos from past Nicaragua trips were played.

“I feel the Nicaragua Benefit Dinner was a great success,” said Rosa Nieves, a senior sociology major. “I was excited about the turn out we had, and hope everyone knows how much it means to the Nicaragua delegation. There will be a lot of children who will benefit from the money that was raised, and school supplies that were donated.”

The cost of the dinner was $5 or a donation of school supplies. Many brought both and donated additional money.

“I just thought it was phenomenal how many from the Quinnipiac community turned out for the event,” said Emily Hayworth, junior physical therapy major. “Clubs strategize left and right for the right fundraiser and the right PR tactics, and we just seemed to nail it. The turnout was far greater than i think we all imagined and it was simply amazing.”

Two weeks ago, paper hands were sold in the student center with the proceedings going to benefit the trip. The hands were hung up on posters in the cafeteria to display student support.

“I thought there was a great turn out. I was happy to come out and support such a great cause. I think all the kids going on the trip worked really hard,” said Hilary Sexton, senior political science major.

The students will depart on Friday, March 10, for Leon, Nicaragua. They will work with elementary-aged children in a local school, teaching classes and assisting them in building irrigation systems. They will also live with host families for the week and tour the Central American region. The trip is sponsored by the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

“Knowing the people of Nicaragua, I know that all of the money collected is going to such an incredible cause, passionate people and towards making a true difference,” Trojanowski said.

Campus News Editor Bethany Dionne contributed to this story.