Letter to the Editor: Let commuters drive down Dorm Road

Adam Murphy

QU security has established a new policy, in which commuters are no longer allowed to drive down Dorm Road. This presents a big problem to many commuters and reflects a major inconvenience to these


I recently went to pick up a friend at her residence hall down Dorm Road. I was then told by security that I was unable to do this anymore because of a new policy they instituted. Most commuters are merely going to pick up a friend, drop something off, or going to visit someone for a short period of time. What is the harm in that?

Taking that into account, I understand we just recently had a prior incident with an unregistered guest coming onto our campus and causing harm to a student. However, any person could freely walk onto this campus without security knowing. Although security does have guard checkpoints at most entrances, they don’t have them at all entrances. So someone could park their car on Hogan Road and walk freely onto this campus by Mountainview, something students frequently do. What would prevent an unregistered or unwanted guest from doing the same thing? Nothing!

In addition, this new policy alienates commuters from the campus community. This is detrimental to this community where most commuters are forced off campus. So someone that is forced off campus by the university is now being punished this way. It makes no sense! If security had been doing their job to begin with, by checking ID’s and guest passes at the gates, maybe we wouldn’t be in the same predicament.

I think its time security takes into consideration what’s best for students, not what’s best to cover up their mistakes.