Hot Off the Press

Jenn Press

The beginning stages of a relationship can be so much fun. You wonder if you’ll hit it off, when your first kiss will be, and how the relationship will


What happens when you’ve already made things official and titled yourselves ‘boyfriend and girlfriend?’ After the honeymoon stages are over, and you begin to reveal every quirk and pet peeve, it may seem like your flame needs some rekindling. So why not throw another log on the fire?

One thing you can do to keep the magic alive is reminisce about how you felt when you first met. Tell each other how nervous you were to call one another, the attraction that existed, and how excited you were when you finally kissed.

If your schedules are getting in the way, make some time to show each other you care. Whether it’s leaving a mint on your partner’s pillow for ‘sweet dreams,’ or silly note on their car while they’re in class, any token says you’re on each other’s mind.

Scheduling dates ahead of time can be beneficial as well. If you both love late night TV, use the afternoon to complete your homework, and meet up one or two evenings a week to wind down with Comedy Central’s finest. Or if you’re super crazed, meet up for a kiss in the student center.

Next, alter your itinerary. Think of how much fun it is when you take a spontaneous road trip or have a day off from class. Why not do the same for your couplehood, and give it a breath of fresh air? If you always grab food on campus, try a meal in town for some different scenery. Or if you often go to restaurants, arrange to make dinner together.

Altering the dynamics of your social life as a couple can add a little excitement as well. If you always spend time in private, try branching out and mingling in larger groups. Double dating can also offer a fun twist. Taking cues from other duos in action can definitely help spice up your romance. These ideas will bring back the butterflies and before soon you’ll be falling in love all over again.