AIM messages not just a Quinnipiac trend

Caitlin Zavorskas

Between posting pictures on Facebook and filling out “The Survey” on Myspace, one would think that students had enough outlets to express themselves in the online world. There is a new trend, however, taking over AIM profiles everywhere to support, protest, or just plain mock whatever comes to mind.

“I think a lot of them are very clever,” Nathaniel Woodward, a graduate physics major at Lehigh University, said.

After browsing through the profiles of a few of his buddy’s, Woodward came across six people who have “Put this in your profile if.” in their profiles. Only one was for a cancer ribbon.

“The ribbons are nice,” Woodward said. “But the more creative people get, the better.”

Creativity is certainly something a lot of people are not lacking. Chuck Norris and his roundhouse kicks are part of the newest trend in profile icons. Many students also have messages saying “Put this in your profile if you or someone you know has died from, survived, or is fighting being a nursing major.” Some of these messages are even accompanied by a small picture of an ambulance.

“The funniest one I’ve seen said ‘Put this in your profile if you wish you were a ninja turtle’,” Brian Ference, junior biology major, said. “I think it’s just another way of expressing yourself.”

Most students don’t mind the play on something that was meant to be serious. Dan Rochmis, a senior computer science major at Drew University had an explanation for his Black Vest (from the video game Onimusha 3)

“Sometimes I find those ribbons to be a little ‘heavy’. I was just trying to have some fun and have something that people can bond over,” Rochmis said.

Like Rochmis, many students joined the trend in order to have special messages for friends and roommates. Junior nursing major Lea Fabrizio has a special message in her profile that only a select group of her friends can understand.

“It was just something that I thought was funny,” Fabrizio said. “It’s something that only people who know me will understand.”

Whether you enjoy this new trend in AIM profiles or whether you just don’t get it, these messages are meant to entertain or support a cause. From breast cancer and pirates to celebrating your heritage or swearing off bagels, each message can be made your own.