Rave: The grass is greener at QU

Jenna Mandozzi

What would a new year be without proper recognition of the landscaping done at Quinnipiac? Every year I hear freshmen on the Quad comment on how green the grass is. But this year, I was shocked to find, it’s not just main campus! The grass is green at both York Hill and the North Haven campus as well!

What does this mean? This means that even after the grass dies this winter, it will be back, as green as ever in the spring, thanks to our tireless groundskeeping crew. I find it interesting that despite the beauty of our buildings’ brick and glass exterior, the clock tower, the new medical school and the residential campus we have literally placed on top of a mountain, people cannot seem to get over the quality of our school’s grass. But after all, green grass is the foundation for any good outdoor Instagram. #blessed.

In closing, there is no doubt that we QU students are incredibly fortunate to have three lush, green campuses, as opposed to all those other universities that only have one. Thank you, Quinnipiac, for always having sprinklers running, even when it’s raining (good thing Connecticut isn’t in a drought like those poor schools in California). Thank you, groundskeeping crew, for the work you do to make this place beautiful. I wish I could count on anything being as consistent as the quality of the grass on campus. –J. Mandozzi