New newsletter unveiled

Hannah Myers

On Monday, Feb. 6th, undergraduate communication students received the first School of Communications Newsletter sent via e-mail from David Donnelly, dean of the School of Communications.

“It is my personal goal to get 75% of the Mass Communication student body involved with clubs and organizations on campus,” Donnelly said. “This newsletter is designed to help with that.”

The newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis to faculty, staff, and students in the SOC. Its purpose is to act as a reminder of important dates, highlight activities and events happening within the school, and recognize outstanding accomplishments.

In the first issue the newsletter applauded many communication faculty members for their research and experience encountered during the intersession. Professor Liam O’Brien spent time in South Africa with nine communication students. Professor Margarita Diaz was in a West African county working on a video documentary about women living with HIV. Lisa Burns researched at the Johnson and Bush presidential libraries.

“Students want to know what the faculty is doing with their time off. It is their research and experiences that connect with the teaching in the classroom that makes Quinnipiac University unique,” Donnelly said.

The idea for the newsletter has been in the making for some time. The College of Liberal Arts, for example, has an internal hard copy newsletter called “The Pine Cone.” The Business School also distributes a news bulletin.

As for the future, Donnelly has many visions as to where the newsletter can go. He plans to involve the alumni, working with public affairs to increase an external form of communication. Each year the university recognizes seniors for their outstanding accomplishments. He wants to contribute to that recognition by including them in the newsletter.

“It’s a great way to share news,” Donnelly said.