Thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to be expensive to please

Taryn Filomio

Valentine’s Day is a time to show affection towards those whom you care about.

Whether it’s a friend or a loved one, Valentine’s gifts show them that you truly care.

Although diamonds or that brand new flat-screen TV may seem like the perfect gift, home-made gifts can be just as meaningful, and are sometimes preferred.

“I made a big card made out of a poster board and put pictures of us together on it”said Lamphanh Borady, a freshman who has a boyfriend at home.

“I just like making gifts for him.”

Even if you are not artistically inclined, you can still be creative.

Lori Ann Belfiore and Hannah Farrell sent their boyfriends decorated boxes filled with little gifts to relive their memories together.

Another idea is to serve the one you love his or her favorite home-cooked meal.

“I’m going to bake cookies and give chocolate,” freshman, Sara Sabatino said. “It may seem simple but it shows how well you know the person.

Anything that shows some thought makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Mandy Kline decided to give her boyfriend something special and also something useful.

“I got him a heart lock and keychain because I thought it was cute,” she said. “I also got him two ties because he is graduating in the spring and needs them.”

When asked what the girls would want from their significant others, pricy tiffany jewelry was far from the top of the list.

“I think I would just want a cute date, like dinner and a movie and I would like for him to write me a poem,” Lamphanh said.

Expensive is not the key when looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift. What really counts are the gifts with heart.