Being impartial can help people in thinking

Nate Sharir

Opinion pieces serve an interesting purpose. In most cases, an opinion piece is written by an author to strongly reflect how he or she feels towards a certain idea or an event that has taken place. During the course of their writing, they present a strong argument as to why they agree with one side of an argument concerning an issue in today’s society. As most authors often take a strong stance on one side of a topic, I choose to take an alternate route and be impartial towards the issue that is being addressed within my columns. That way, it allows the reader to truly reflect on the topic or issue that I am writing about.

The entire concept of being impartial is interesting because I am not aligning myself with one side of an argument. I am simply going my own way showing how people could better themselves in terms of getting their information about what is going on in the world. That way, I am not always agreeing with one or the other side of a conflict. My own ideas are being presented within the context of my own writing. In other words, my feelings reflect my individuality.

Also, by being impartial, I am not being biased towards any idea or issue. Instead of constantly endorsing the viewpoints of one group, I am not aligning myself with any group of people when addressing specific topics. Such topics as the power of the media and the power of public opinion are intriguing because they allow me the opportunity to express viewpoints that reflect the way I think. Also, because those topics cover a lot of areas, they enable me to cover different angles in different columns. Furthermore, they allow me the capability to discuss topics that enable me not to always agree with the beliefs and views of different political parties or groups. That way, I am my own voice and not the symbol of a political party and its’ ideas.

There are instances, however, that I have the need to side with a political party in times of a political topic that I feel strongly about. Such topics as the last presidential election and the war in Iraq have shown that I am unable to be impartial all the time. But when doing so, however, I intend to express my own feelings regarding these topics and impart information that people could contemplate in hopes of making a difference politically.

Personally, I feel that being impartial towards different political and world issues could be very useful for today’s society. In doing so, more people can be more of an individual and think for themselves rather than constantly agreeing with one side of an issue. This way, people can separate themselves from everyone else and let individual thinking take the place of bias towards political parties. Besides, I think there is enough of that present in today’s network news programs.