Wreck: stop the ‘man bun’

Sara Kozlowski

A guy recently came up to me at the bar and wanted to dance with me. He was instantly denied for two reasons: 1) I’m in a relationship and 2) he was wearing his hair in a man bun.
This may sound shallow, but the man bun is not an attractive look so why are some men all of a sudden trying to look as terrible as possible? I asked some of my friends what they thought and most of them agreed that man buns and men with long shoulder-length hair in general is a no-go.
I think the biggest issue here is that it looks feminine and it reminds me of Tarzan with his dirty, greasy hair. I know Russell Brand doesn’t have a man bun, but it also makes me think of him. And honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them started sporting the style.
Not only is this a stupid look but it also has an asinine name. Why can’t people just say “oh, he was wearing his hair in a bun.” Why does it have to be “oh, he was lookin’ fly with his man bun.” No. Knock it off.
What is so interesting about hair buns anyway? There’s nothing special about them. In fact, if a girl’s hair is in a bun it’s often because she hasn’t showered yet. Sorry, secret’s out. So why would guys want to mimic that?
Plus guys could be doing much more creative hairstyles anyway like the fishtail or the French braid. These wouldn’t look attractive either, but at least they show some level of patience and skill.