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    Study reveals social differences in Yale, Quinnipiac

    A recent study conducted by Quinnipiac students revealed facts about the correlation between alcohol consumption and gender, money spent, and grades for both Quinnipiac and Yale students.

    Seven students in Professor Halliday’s management 202 class, Catherine Furfarow, Darlene Petras, Taylor Henderson, Shannon Whelan, Christopher Brown, Mike McLaughlin, and Jaclyn Barrocas, surveyed 500 students on the Quinnipiac campus, and 500 students on the Yale campus.

    Respondants were surveyed regarding the amount of alcohol consumed on the weekends, how much money spent during these activities, whether the student was a female or male, and their GPA. The objective of the project was group cooperation. “It was very informative,” Furfarow said, “We had to go out and do this all on our own and organize this ourselves.”

    Not surprisingly, Quinnipiac students tend to go out more on the weekends than Yale students. “It’s because there’s nothing to do here,” joked Furfarow. On average, Quinnipiac freshmen socialize a little over 2 nights a week, while Yale freshmen are off campus over 1.5 nights a week. Quinnipiac juniors also go out about 2.5 nights a week, an extra day than the average Yale student. This also revealed that, generally, students spend more time out as they increase in age.

    This survey also revealed that Quinnipiac students also tend to spend more money when they do go out than Yale students. Males and females at Quinnipiac spend approximately $20 on weekend activities. Yale males generally spend about $10, while Yale females spend about $5 a week.

    “This could be because the cab fares from Quinnipiac to New Haven are more expensive,” suggested Furfarow. Also, Quinnipiac students tend to go out more than Yale students and therefore would ideally spend more money.

    There is also a correlation between a students’ GPA range and the average number of nights out. Quinnipiac males who have a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 generally go out on average over three nights a week, while Quinnipiac females in the same GPA category go out on average about 2.5 nights a week. Conversely, Quinnipiac males and females whose GPA range from 3.56 to 4.0 go out, on average, less than two times a week. This study suggests the overall trend that the less students go out, the higher their GPA tends to be.

    The survey also reveals information regarding the alcohol consumption tendencies of students at Quinnipiac despite the school’s recent publicity involving alcohol use.

    “It surprised us,” Furfaro said. “That There were a lot of people that don’t drink alcohol. In college, you expect that everyone drinks, but this study shows that that isn’t the case. We get negative publicity because of students who drink irresponsibly. That isn’t what the majority of the students here are like.”

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