Rave: Cool courses offered at QU

Afsha Kasam

As you already know, it is registration season. If you have room in your schedule, take a class that you would never consider taking. Surprisingly, Quinnipiac has a good selection of interesting courses.

For instance, have you ever wanted or needed to take a language course, but did not find French, German or Spanish appealing? Take Elementary Arabic I (ARB 101). According to Toptenz.net, Arabic is the fifth most popular language (based upon the amount of native speakers).

If you like communications, consider taking Song and Dance (MSS 348). There are no prerequisites, but you need junior status. According to the course description on WebAdvisor, the Song and Dance course highlights the power music can bring to communication.

There is even a class about the history of piracy in the Atlantic world. The class is called Pirates of the Caribbean (HS 376). However, there is a prerequisite; one must have taken a 200 level course in history. For the somewhat artistic students, there is a Studio Art: Collage (AR 263) class, as well as other unique studio art options.

There is also the option of taking a gym class; each one is only one credit. I am currently taking Tae Kwon Do (PE 182) and it really forces me to be active and does not require much work. Another cool gym class is Indoor Rock Climbing (PE 109).

Unique classes may seem unnecessary to some. However, college is all about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and trying something new. These courses teach us to think in a different manner, and that is never a waste.