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    University monitoring campus Internet access

    In recent years the use of the World Wide Web has become a necessity for every day life. College students in particular turn to the Internet to keep up to date with school work, news, friends and family. One of the many appealing aspects of Quinnipiac for college students is that it is a wireless campus.

    Quinnipiac offers students a wireless Internet on the quad. This enables students to use the Internet in the library, some student’s halls and the cafeteria.

    Recently, wireless has entered the residential life for student in Troup, Larson, and Perlroth. Students are able to be wireless in their rooms and in the common room area.

    “I feel that wireless is so much more convenient and it’s great in the dorms especially. You can be on your computer and on the Internet and not be constricted to your desk. It was frustrating to fight with the cord everyday to get my internet to work. Wireless should definitely be all over campus,” Kevin O’Connel, a sophomore resident of Troup, said.

    In recent years students have brought their own wireless routers to school. They feel that if the school is not going to offer the convenience, they do not see why it’s bad to bring their own. Since the increase of students bringing wireless routers to school, Quinnipiac has begun to take a stand.

    During Thanksgiving break a wireless site survey was done on campus. This survey detected wireless routers and pinpointed each room it was in. Students received e-mails explaining why this is a problem. Students who brought the routers are disobeying Quinnipiac’s network usage policy as stated in the school handbook on page 86.

    Not only does this go against policy, but many students do not realize that it also interferes with their peers usage of the Internet which creates more problems.

    Students who violated the network policy were sent an e-mail immediately following Thanksgiving break. It explained the consequences the students will face if they do not comply. If the student does not meet the terms of the e-mail, they could be sent to be dealt with by the Quinnipiac judicial system.

    “The fact that we put the little line about the judicial in there is for those people that want to ignore it and continue interfering with the wireless operation and become a “wireless public menace,” Charles Griffin, Information Security Officer, said.

    “Moving forward is to put wireless everywhere on the campus and dorms are the priorities and eventually push out to the less common areas. It should be that you should be able to wirelessly associate in your room, and walk the whole campus with your laptop open all the way to the law school basement and still be on the same connection and network,” Griffin said, talking about the future Internet for Quinnipiac University.

    For now, Quinnipiac students will have to wait for this wireless Internet. As for the wireless routers from home, the students are only hurting themselves by bringing them. They can lose the connection in their room all together and end up with a possible judicial.

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