Online exclusive: Katrina refugee in search of a home

Kristen Ritter

Can you imagine sitting in your house with 175 mph winds whirling around outside. Suddenly the movie, Wizard of Oz, becomes a reality and people are scrambling everywhere to save themselves and their precious belongings. On August 29th Hurricane Katrina landed right outside New Orleans, Louisiana as a Category 5 storm. The hurricane dragged water from Lake Pontchartain and the Mississippi River; flooding Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina has been confirmed as the most destructive natural disaster in all of the United States’ history. This devastating storm had a strong effect on people’s lives, not to mention the rising mortality rate of 1,302. Survivors were left with very little and many of them were forced to find alternative housing.

One family who lost almost everything is the Rodriguez family; they have three kids Travoris 15, Michael Robinson 13, and Marilenny 11. This poor family, unfortunately, did not have family or friends close by that could take them in. Therefore they were placed in West Haven, CT. Struggling to find a permanent house and a strong school system for their three kids has been a difficult process because they are not familiar with the area; but there is a way to help make their transition easier. Right now as you read this article they are looking for a permanent housing. If you have any information about a house or an apartment it would be appreciated. Household items which could be used to brighten up the Rodriguez’s new home would be useful. Information for housing, household donations, or a vehicle would be most appreciated. Driving a u-hall with all Mrs. Rodriguez’s children, she arrived last Saturday with the few belongings which were left to them.

If you have any information or ideas please contact [email protected]