Graphic Arts Room supplies removed indefinitely

Dana Owen

The sign reads “Due to the consistent untidiness and clutter that people have left in the Graphic Arts Room, the removal of all materials and supplies has occurred. Indeed I apologize in advance for those of you who keep it tidy and clean up after yourselves. However, for the other students and organizations that use this room it has become an issue of concern. The materials will be removed until further notice. ”

Ben Oser, the Vice President of Public Relations for the Student Government Association and senior marketing and psychology major, posted the notice after he was at his wits end with the condition of the Graphic Arts Room.

“After finding the room a mess nearly five days in a row, I said enough is enough so, one night when I went and cleaned it by myself, I decided to remove all of the supplies that I specifically budgeted to make the Graphic Arts room better than it had been in the past,” Oser said.

He was also dismayed to find that many of the new supplies he bought had gone missing during that time period.

“Since the first day of school the colored construction paper, crayon box, scissors, tape, and other supplies have all been taken,” Oser said.

The colored construction paper that is stored in the room is only meant for use by the Student Center staff.

Some students were confused but Oser felt that the decision was warranted as did some administrative members of the Student Center staff.

“After discussing my reasoning with Daniel [Brown], we came to an agreement that at least the paper and Texas markers would remain.” He said.

Oser hopes that by taking this drastic measure, students will get the message and start taking personal responsibility for the condition of the room and the supplies within it.

“I’m also working with the Student Center staff and Daniel Brown to have [student workers] check the room after it’s been used to ensure that people are respectable to their Graphic Arts Room,” Oser said.

Oser hopes that his actions will prevent further damage to the room and its supplies.

“I want people and groups to understand that the SGA and I try to provide greater benefits to the average student and to this community,” he said. “But it’s important to understand that we can’t keep doing this if our achievements are disrespected.”

The supplies will continue to be withheld indefinitely. If you have any questions about the Graphic Arts room please contact Ben Oser at [email protected] or Mark Antonucci, The Vice President of Student Concerns at [email protected]