More phone comments, advice

Brendan McKeon

Many moons ago I did not own a cell phone. I know that sounds like the line to a horror story, but it is true.

I procured my first phone when I was 16, about the same time I got my driver’s license. The phone was not a huge part of my life and it still is not. Which leads me to this: Can people today live without a phone in their pocket? It seems to me the answer is a resounding “no.” We have people that are so important that they need to keep phones on in class, at the library and many other inappropriate places.

So is there an art to having a cell phone and being polite? No! But here are some tips that may make you less annoying.

The first rule is simple: Silent ring. The phone makes no noise so you will not know it is ringing. This is great for class and the library, because I don’t want to hear your ring tone.

The second rule pertains to conversation. If you are in the middle of a discussion with someone and your phone does begin to ring, mute it! Let the caller go to your voicemail and call them back after your conversation is over. The two exceptions to this rule are if you are waiting for medical test results to come in or you are looking to get out of the conversation with the person you are speaking with at the time.

The library is no place for a phone to ring because most people are there to do one of two things: study or nap. God help the person who wakes me up because they feel the need to have their phone with them. Having your phone on vibrate is acceptable as long as you do not keep the phone on a table or the floor. A vibrating phone is just as annoying as the ring tone “Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me.” Keep in mind that the respect you have for others comes back to you.

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