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Become a serious swiper


Men, have you ever found yourself laying in bed on Sunday night staring at Monday’s homework and wondering if we’re going to have a snow day so you don’t have to do it? To further put off homework, you unlock your phone and open all social media apps. Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak, Trivia Crack, Tinder, repeat.

Twitter and Yik Yak allow you to share thoughts. Instagram is used to share pictures. Trivia Crack puts your brain to the test. Tinder helps you find love.

Tinder is a match-making app that connects males and females in a certain location. The app creates a profile with Facebook pictures and pages that you like. A short bio, age and mutual friends are listed. Once you match with someone, you have the option of moving on and finding other people in the area or you can continue having conversations with of your matches.

This can be overwhelming at times, especially when you have hundreds of women’s profiles in the palm of your hand. Fear not. The Tinder Advisor is here to help.

“Tinder for Experts” is an e-Book that offers Tinder advice for men, Max the Tinder Advisor said, who asked to keep his last name anonymous.

“Tinder for Experts” was written by a man who spent a lot of his time traveling for work. He and his girlfriend split up and while traveling he decided to download Tinder and meet more women.

The book gives useful tips to help navigate the Tinder-verse. The advice is based on personal experience, trial and error and conversations with women on what works and what doesn’t work, the Tinder Advisor said.

“I really think people with Tinder just kind of wing it and they wonder why they don’t succeed with it,” said the Tinder Advisor.

The e-Book outlines how to create the perfect profile for women to look at and eventually match.

Although some of the tips, such as choosing profile pictures, can be applied to females, women usually expect men to initiate conversation, the Tinder Advisor said.

“Of course women don’t want to see a photo where they can’t tell who you are,” the Tinder Advisor said.

Some of you may be wondering at this point, “how can I create an irresistible profile?” You should aim to be the most interesting man in the world, according to “Tinder for Experts.” This may seem like a difficult feat, but it’s possible with the tips the book gives.

First things first: you don’t have to be the most handsome man on campus. Tinder is superficial because you are judging someone based on their looks, but that means you need to market yourself properly to get more matches with other women.

If you’re short, don’t post pictures with much taller people. If you’re out of shape, don’t post a picture of yourself shirtless lying on the couch. If you have bad skin, consider using photo optimization tools like Instagram to minimize your flaws, according to “Tinder for Experts.”

If you are still wondering if your profile is competitive enough against the millions of other guys using the app, the experts at offer personalized consulting to maximize your online image.

Once your profile is set up for optimal matches, you will start matching with women in the radius that you have chosen, suggests “Tinder for Experts.”

Start small and once you run out of women that you find attractive, open up your radius a little more. If you were to set up your profile on Mount Carmel campus, Yale University is only eight miles away. You will have a selection of females from that area.

If you want to take your budding relationship off Tinder, the e-Book outlines how to chat successfully, thus moving the conversation off the app and onto another messaging system.

If you are dating multiple women and want to keep it under wraps, take the conversation to Facebook and delete the person you are talking to from your Tinder, according to “Tinder for Experts.” This way you can talk to women freely and avoid the question why you logged on the app two hours before your date Friday night.

Going on a date with your Tinder match needs to be simple and relaxed, according to the book. The date should feel like the natural progression of your online conversations. You are merely seeing if the chemistry you have online is the same in person. From then on, it’s all up to you and your match.

If you don’t say the right thing on Tinder, you probably won’t get the date, said the Tinder Advisor. Whether you are trying to boost your online-dating presence or finesse the way you take your online conversations to the next level, “Tinder for Experts” outlines how to do it.

Achieving Tinder triumph doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you put yourself out there. And don’t forget, you can always use this book as your own dating resource.

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