Yellowcard set to rock QU Friday

Mike McKenna

Keeping true to the band’s mantra of “sincerity first,” Sean Mackin of Yellowcard said, “We really appreciate our fans that have been with us all along; we wouldn’t be anything today without the fans’ support.”

To show their appreciation, Yellowcard will be performing at Quinnipiac on Friday, Nov. 11. Mackin, the band’s backup vocalist and classically trained violinist, assures students, “I don’t want to give away any surprises, but we’re gonna come out swinging. We want people to sing along and we want to show people that we can hang and party with the best of them.”

Quinnipiac will be the band’s second college stop on this tour, having just recently played at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. “We’re just getting the ball rolling, but it’s been nothing but great so far,” Mackin said.

Yellowcard is clearly a band that prides themselves on musical talent and the ability to party. Mackin feels Quinnipiac is a place where the band can accomplish both. “College shows are fun to play because it gives the students something to do for fun that’s either free or bargain basement cheap,” Mackin said.

The band will be making a stop at MTV’s “TRL” studio in New York City the day before coming to Quinnipiac to premier the video for the title track off of their new album due out in January 2006, “Lights and Sounds.” The show will feature the band’s new video as well as an appearance by Green Day as part of MTV’s “Spankin’ New Music Week.” “MTV and our fans have been so good to us,” Mackin said. “It’s important to the band to give back and show thanks for all the support over the years.”

Along with the other members of Yellowcard, singer/guitarist Ryan Key, bassist Pete Mosely, guitarist Ben Harper, and drummer Longineu Parsons, Mackin said the band hopes to build on the success of their breakout 2003 Capitol Records debut, “Ocean Avenue,” with their sophomore album, “Lights and Sounds.” “I think ‘Ocean Avenue’ was a bit more adolescent,” Mackin said. “The songs on the new album really reflect our development over the past few years.”

Mackin said that the recording done on “Lights and Sounds” has brought the band together the closest it has ever been in 10 years. “On the new album, we want showcase our new bag of tricks and the creativity the band has come up with,” Mackin said.

Those attending the November 11 show can expect all of their “Ocean Avenue” favorites to be played. “Those songs we wrote when we were 19-20 [years old] show different interests than when you’re 25-26 years old,” Mackin said, The band loves performing all of their songs live. “They’re great songs, but like all other songs they had a time and a place.”

As far as the band jamming out some new material, the QU audience can count on it. Mackin hints that at least three to five new songs will be played in addition to any other surprises the band may have up their sleeves. “I’d love to play a classic rock song like ‘November Rain,'” Mackin said. “I’ve always wanted to play ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia. I’d love to get on stage and tear it up.”

On Nov. 11, expect these native Jacksonville boys to put on a good show for all, and keep on the lookout for Yellowcard sightings after the performance. “We always hang with fans after shows,” Mackin said. “We’ll probably be rollin’ mob deep to some happening after parties.”

Stay tuned for our exclusive review of the show next week!