Rave: Hooked on Trivia Crack

Jeanette Cibelli

If you haven’t already, prepare to become addicted to Trivia Crack.

The game by Etermax has been available for download on any smartphone since 2013, but seems to have only gained popularity recently. Users compete against their friends or random players by answering trivia questions from a variety of categories. Questions can be related to entertainment, art, sports, science, history or geography. The objective of the game is to collect all six “characters,” one for each category, before your opponent by correctly answering questions as quickly as possible.

Trivia Crack stands out from other games and apps. These days, it is easy to aimlessly waste hours on the Internet. However, with Trivia Crack, you no longer have to feel guilty about spending too much time on your phone. Social media rarely offers any intellectual stimulation, but this trivia game is the opposite of that.

The most basic goal of the game relies on using your knowledge and brainpower. When you answer a question accurately, you feel accomplished, but when you get one wrong, you learn something new. The game tracks your success in each category, so you always know where your trivia skills might need some brushing up. Users can also create questions to be added to the game’s database, so you can spread your interests and intelligence to others.

Trivia Crack encourages players to have fun while learning. Few educational apps are popular with a young adult crowd, so the popularity of this game with Quinnipiac students proves how exceptional it is.