Wreck: Aladdin’s closes its doors

Sara Kozlowski

A tragedy is upon us: Aladdin’s Pizza is gone.

Back in November, I personally wrote about the mediterranean-style pizzeria restaurant raving about how great it was. So it brings me great sadness that I have to write about the business’ departure. The restaurant is still on Whitney Ave, right next to the Mobil gas station, except now all the lights are turned off and the door is locked.

It was highly accessible, considering it was about a minute drive from both the Mount Carmel campus and the York Hill campus. But most importantly their food was to die for—especially the deep dish pizza which sold for $3 a slice. It filled you up and didn’t make you feel gross afterward, which was always a plus.

Aladdin’s was unique in comparison to other pizzerias around town since it also offered mediterranean food as well. I ordered some kind of falafel sandwich from them and it was beyond my expectations.

It pains me to see Aladdin’s go. The service was great, delivery was fast, the owners were always kind, and the location couldn’t get much better in relation to Quinnipiac and the student population. Students could have walked to it if they really wanted to. That’s how close it was.

“Aladdin’s hasn’t been in business for very long, but the place is awesome. With great food, great prices and friendly staff, it is likely here to stay,” I wrote about the restaurant a few months back. But, sadly, I could not have made a worse prediction. Aladdin’s is not here to stay.