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    Debut proves The Terms are not just another college band

    If you have not heard of Louisiana based college band The Terms yet, you will now and wish you had earlier. The group’s Maple Jam Records debut album, “Small Town Computer Crash,” was recently released, and I was lucky enough to be able to give it a listen.

    The Terms are definitely one of those bands that you see then hear the music and think, “That voice did not just come from that kid.” The lead singer looks like a typical college kid, but his voice is very deep and rock-oriented, reminiscent of the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand.

    The 12-track album offers a solid blend of vocals and drums, featuring a series of nice guitar solos, including portions of “Neutron Bomb” and the title track “Small Town Computer Crash”. Many of the disc’s songs have interesting musical intros, which seamlessly blend right into the vocals.

    Despite the fact that The Terms are a college band, their sound is as experienced as any band that has been on the music scene. They sound as if they have been playing and recording music for years, not as if this album is their debut. If you like bands like Franz Ferdinand, you will definitely like The Terms.

    The Terms are currently on tour around Louisiana and Texas. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any indication of a nationwide tour in the immediate future. That will certainly come within the next year or two, especially now with the nationwide release of “Small Town Computer Crash.”

    The Terms got their start when lead singer Ben Labat met the lead guitarist Clyde Hargrove and percussionist Blake Oliver. The three started out as an acoustic trio, playing in small college pubs, quickly gaining popularity. Once drummer Scott Lasseigne and bassist Greg Chiartano joined, the Terms were complete.

    True to their rock roots, the Terms write all of their own lyrics and music. Labat writes very compelling lyrics about life, love, and reality. As of now, the Terms have already written over 35 songs, despite the fairly short time they’ve been together.

    Give this track a second listen: “Small Town Computer Crash.”

    Our rating: 4 stars (out of five).

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