Listen to this disc and you will be ‘Better Now’

Bethany Dionne

Kai Brown makes his American debut with his ten song album “Better Now.” Growing up in Sydney, Brown performed in a handful of bands, but in the back of his mind, his goal was to move to the United States and start a successful musical career. Recording the album in Dallas under producer/songwriter Cary Pierce, vocals of Sean Hurley and Ed Toth of Vertical Horizon can be heard, along with those of the members of The BoDeans.

Brown’s strong, yet soothing voice along with the peaceful strumming of his guitar make for a unique listen. His music is slightly “poppy,” but more mature than your typical acoustic pop-guitarist. Brown’s sound and lyrics are more mature and show signs of life experience, especially in relationships.

He remains moody, yet upbeat through tracks “Up All Night,” “Can’t Live Without You,” and “Goodbye, Goodnight,” while showing his harmonizing skills both as a singer and guitarist. “Money and Love” is heartfelt with an unforgettable chorus. Brown said he wrote it about the basics of what people want most and search for their whole life to find. He slows his beat with “Every Day” with a basic guitar progression and his sweet sounding vocals that create a perfect harmonic bridge with the guitar. “Believe Again” and “See Through Me” return to the faster, mid-speed beat as heard in earlier tracks.

Brown sings about his one and only in his closing track, a ballad called “Always,” about all the memories of a lifelong love. Kai Brown proves strong in his debut American album. He shows signs of maturity with his truthful, authentic style.

Give this song a second listen: “Every Day.”

Our rating: 3.5 stars (out of five.)