Save ink cartridges to help plant trees

Christina Stolfi

QUEST, the Quinnipiac University Entrepreneur Success Team, is launching a new fundraiser to raise money for their organization and help the environment.

This event is being run through a program called THINKGREEN. THINKGREEN is an environmentally friendly program that facilitates reducing toxins produced in the air from garbage. QUEST is asking those wishing to aid in this admirable cause to donate their old cell phones and ink cartridges.

Lindsay Franke, senior entrepreneurship and small business management major and president of QUEST, is responsible for getting this fundraiser off the ground and running. Franke researched different fundraisers for QUEST and came across THINKGREEN.

Franke introduced the idea to the members of QUEST, and they agreed that THINKGREEN would be ideal for a new fundraiser. “All of the members were very excited to have a fundraiser that not only helped the club, but also the environment,” Franke said.

Printer ink cartridges take an extremely long time to decompose and are therefore detrimental to the environment. This fundraiser will recycle the ink cartridges in hopes of taking a step towards saving the environment.

Not only will the recycling benefit the environment, but for every 12 ink cartridges collected by QUEST THINKGREEN will also plant a tree in Canada.

There are other ink returnable programs like THINKGREEN in the USA. In past years, the bookstore has participated in similar programs. However, other programs may not plant trees in addition to recycling.

The funds raised by collecting ink cartridges and old cell phones will be used to help sponsor events put on by QUEST.

Every year QUEST puts together an entrepreneurship conference in which CEO’s from various businesses come to talk about their endeavors in the business field. This year will mark the second annual entrepreneurship conference, and will hopefully take place next semester at Quinnipiac.

QUEST also attends a yearly conference in Chicago designed to be an informational opportunity for students in entrepreneurship groups to learn the valuable skills regarding owning a business. This year their conference will be held in Orlando, Fla.

QUEST is looking to hold more events for the QU students. However, it is difficult with low funding. The organization is interested in bringing various workshops to QU to help students learn about the different aspects of business and entrepreneurship in hopes of educating interested students as well as faculty.

QUEST caters to the needs and wants of the students, so the programs sponsored by QUEST depends on what the students feel that they would like to see happen.

QUEST needs your help! Any donations would be greatly appreciated. In order to sponsor these new events for the benefit of the students, QUEST needs more funding.

Boxes for dropping off empty ink cartridges and old cell phones and are located all over campus including the student center, the library, and dorms, including Village 412.