Wreck: shuttles don’t stop a Dunkin’

Alexa Orban

If freshman want a good cup of coffee they have to rely on shuttles to take them to Starbucks. Shuttles don’t stop at Dunkin Donuts, even though there are two of them that are closer than Starbucks. Both Dunkin locations even follow the Hamden shuttle’s route, so they would not be out of the way.

Currently, the only way for freshman or other students without cars to get to Dunkin is to walk to the location by York Hill. Not only is the walk close to a mile, Whitney Avenue is a very busy road and it could be dangerous for freshman to cross safely.

“Since we do have to walk I never really plan on going,” freshman Nicole Kessler said.

If the Hamden shuttle won’t stop then what about York Hill shuttles? These shuttles constantly pass Dunkin Donuts each day. The stop would be on a route that the shuttles already have to go on.

“It’s actually pretty inconvenient that [the shuttles don’t] stop there because it’s so close to York so it wouldn’t take a ton of extra time if they did,” freshman Samantha Eisenberg said.

During the winter, students without cars making the trek to Dunkin will likely face even more danger. Snow on the roads leaves less room for pedestrians, making the walk even less safe.

In the end, it will be up to the school to decide whether or not stopping at Dunkin Donuts is worth it for the freshman and other non-drivers alike. For now, Au Bon Pain will remain the safest and most accessible option.