Fun Fall activities

Sara Kozlowski

Haunted road #1

Downs Road is one of the top five most haunted roads in Connecticut, according to Examiner.

The best part is it’s right here in Hamden. It’s time to scare the crap out of all your roommates

by bringing them on a drive down this eerie road. “Demon children” are said to live on the road

and often throw rocks at cars or scratch at the windows. Weird noises and screams can also be

heard while traveling along the road. Travel if you dare.


Haunted road #2

Not intimidated with Downs Road? Don’t worry because there’s another haunted road not

much further away, so you could potentially visit both roads in one trip. According to Examiner,

Whirlwind Hill Road in Wallingford has an equally bizarre backstory. As the legend goes, a

woman drowned herself during the 1930s after her fiance abandoned her at the alter. She is

rumored to walk around the road drenched in her wedding dress asking people for rides, but

then always disappears.


Lyman Orchards.

If you’re interested in going on an excursion, Lyman Orchards may become your go-to. There is

a corn maze open every day through Nov. 2. You can also venture through apple orchards and

pumpkin patches to pick-your-own. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you try cooking apple

or pumpkin pie with the products you pick. Or you could try more simple recipes like caramel

apples or baked pumpkin seeds.


Hindinger Farm.

Craving to carve a pumpkin this October? Get all your pumpkin picking needs at Hindinger

Farm to help make your best jack-o-lantern yet. The farm is right here in Hamden located on

810 Dunbar Hill Road and is only a short drive away. Oh, and did I mention there are goats?

Get pumped because, yes, there are goats. The farm is known for their goat pen where you can

feed and pet them for all the interested animal-lovers out there.


Farmington Canal.

This long trail travels for 84 miles from New Haven to Northampton, Mass. Most people enjoy

running, biking, rollerblading and walking the trail to get some fresh air. It’s a great way to get a

little exercise while also taking in the beautiful sights autumn brings as the leaves change. For

photos of the Farmington Canal, see pages 8-9.


Trail of Terror.

This terrifying haunted trail located in Wallingford will be open every weekend in October Friday

to Sunday. Tickets sell out fast, but if you purchase your ticket online for $20 you can pick a

specific time slot and will be guaranteed admittance, according to its website. You can also

purchase group tickets at a discounted price if you’re going with a group of 10 or more for $18

per person. General admission is $15. More details can be found at


Pumpkin painting.

If you don’t have a car and don’t know anyone with one it’s still not the end of the world. There

are still fall-themed events on campus that you can participate in. Student Programming Board

and other organizations have fall events all throughout the month. For example, there’s pumpkin

painting on Wednesday, Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Bobcat lawn. The event is hosted

by Phi Sigma Sigma.