Table for One: Life in the Single Lane

Jenn Press

“What’s wrong with me?” is an uncertainty men and women ponder about the inevitable question “Why am I still single?” Although college students haven’t yet retired their dating career, there still seems to be immense pressure to find the one, someone, or anyone.

Everyone else on campus, at bars, on reality TV and in the movies seems to be involved and here you are, a great catch, going stag to parties hoping each night will strike the lucky moment you connect with someone. If it doesn’t happen, you seem to con yourself into thinking you have the plague.

First of all, relationships aren’t always what they seem. Imagine going to someone’s house and seeing a coordinated family dressed to a T, platters of food beautifully displayed, and every speck of dust wiped from the counters and vacuumed from the floors. While this picture perfect display is not a fa