Wreck: QU recycling is subpar

Alexa Orban

Are you thinking that Quinnipiac is green, because we have “single stream?” Quinnipiac says it has a single stream recycling system, but this is not always the case. For those living around Hill and Village circle, a means for recycling is not provided at all.

There is recycling in the Village laundry rooms, but they are not meant for dumping large amounts of recyclables. Often times, the cleaning staff is frustrated with students who dump recyclables in these areas. When many students were asked the question, “Do you recycle in the Hill or village bins?” The answer was commonly, “no.”

“We looked for them one day, and then we just gave up,” junior Bianca Waffenschmidt said, referring to her experiences from last year. Other students throw away their recyclables in the garbage as well. “Why even give us the bin?” sophomore Briana Choi asked. It isn’t uncommon to find a recycle bin filled with trash.

If there was a recycle bin located at the dumpster area it would be easier to put all of the recyclables into the bins.

If Quinnipiac wants to be known as a environmentally-friendly campus, recycling should be happening on a regular basis. After sophomore Olivia Bartolomei had seen a maintenance worker dump a full bag of recyclables into the trash she said “I don’t recycle because it all goes to the same place and it makes me frustrated.”

“Single Stream” at Quinnipiac needs a few changes in order to be more efficient. A good start may be making recycling more accessible to the sophomores on campus.