Driving is not the only way to get around on campus

Taryn Filomio

With gas prices at almost $3.00 per gallon, being a freshman in college definitely has its perks. Any student who drives unfortunately spends most of their money trying to get to their destination rather than spending it when they are actually there. The Chronicle recently went around campus looking for cheaper and perhaps more exciting ways to get around as a Quinnipiac student.

The obvious way of getting around off campus is the university shuttle. Not only is it free, but also very convenient. It drops you off right where you want to go; whether you want to go shopping at Walmart in Hamden or spend your nights in New Haven. Convenience is not the only positive factor, but students also have a good time when they are on it. “The drivers are funny” said Chad Verron, a sophomore at Hill.

If you don’t feel like waiting for the shuttle or if they happen to be late, your best bet is to take a taxi. The taxis in Connecticut have a higher pay rate than those in New York City, but appear to be a cleaner alternative to the yellow city cabs. The taxi drivers are always flexible and entertaining. If you are with at least four people, it costs at most $10 so it is not as pricy as driving, a good thing for poor college students. The numbers are also easy to remember so do not worry about having to remember a ton of different numbers.

If you want to stay local and feel that walking has lost its touch, there are many other ways students get around on campus. There are tons of bikes in the hallway of Ledges so many freshmen ride their bikes to get around. “I would do it if I had one”, said Jennifer Velez, a freshmen at Ledges.

Not only do students ride their bikes but recently many have found that skateboarding is another fun way to get around. “I always see people skateboarding at night and it seems like they are having a good time” freshman Alex Kozinski said.

Although gas prices have soared this year, driving is not the only way you can get around. As a student at Quinnipiac, many have found alternates that are not only convenient and cheap but also entertaining. So, the next time you decide to go out, don’t bother spending all the money on gas, there are plenty of cheaper options.