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    Quinnipiac is not Disney

    I, like most other college students believe that I know everything and refuse to hear otherwise. Like many other students at Quinnipiac there are a number of things that bother me about this fine academic institution.

    In last week’s article, “Welcome to Mickey Mouse University,” Michael Pistone brought up many points that are a problem for many students on campus. One of the major problems that Quinnipiac faces is the parking situation. Students living off campus are always in a constant battle to find a spot in North Lot.

    The article also points out the problem with housing and overcrowding here. This again is another valid complaint for students living on campus. While these are legitimate complaints I fail to see the correlation between Quinnipiac’s overcrowding issue and Disney World. Does Disney World have a problem housing its visitors?

    “Welcome to Mickey Mouse University” also points out a problem with Quinnipiac’s brochure. Quinnipiac is not the only university, or business for that matter, that puts off a good image on their brochure. There is nothing wrong with the university trying to project a positive image to the community or prospective students. The university would obviously not want to highlight some of its lesser points in its brochure. I mean, what should the university put on its brochures? I think a picture of the Hill/Village circle on the Saturday night of May Weekend might be more a little more appropriate.

    Pistone also spoke out against golf carts that can be found driving around campus. I am not sure, but I do not believe that Disney World has a golf cart problem. Furthermore, these golf carts here are not particularly hard to avoid. In my two plus years here at Quinnipiac, I have yet to be hit by one of these “zipping” golf carts. That is a pretty clean driving record in my book.

    The article also spoke out against other zipping objects, but these objects are flying and they are not UFO’s. Pistone has a problem with students throwing a Frisbee around the quad on a nice day. In “Welcome to Mickey Mouse University” Pistone says, “Think about it, have you actually ever seen anyone you know out there playing Frisbee? I have never seen any of these students in my life, except on the quad playing Frisbee. Maybe they don’t go to class.”

    I thought about it and thought about it some more, and then I came to the realization that I do know people who play Frisbee on the quad – me and my friends. For the record, we do go to class.

    Is there are particular problem with students throwing around a disc on the more than ample grounds of the quad. I do not think I have heard of someone getting hurt by people playing Frisbee on the quad. It is a community field, and there is nothing wrong with students playing Frisbee on a nice day.

    At the end of the day Quinnipiac may not be perfect, but isn’t Disney World supposed to be the most magical place on earth? So, would that put Quinnipiac second in line?

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