Wreck: Blackboard app no longer free

Alexa Orban

Every Quinnipiac student is required to use Blackboard. From checking assignments, seeing teacher announcements or even checking grades, the program is needed by every student on campus.

The mobile version of blackboard used to be free if you went onto the free app called QUmobile. But now students are being asked to pay $1.99.

“I pay enough money for school,” sophomore Jocelyn Bates said. “I shouldn’t have to pay for apps on top of it.”

At first, the app shows all of the courses a student is enrolled in, but it then asks for a payment option. Some students at Quinnipiac think the app should be free.

“There are already so many costs that students must put out money for and Blackboard is something that every student needs to use,” sophomore Jordyn Platz said.

Charging for the app limits students from seeing announcements and updates. There is, however, a new app that students can go on to check their course time, teacher, room number, and grades. It’s called Eullician GO. But this app can’t do everything Blackboard can.

Blackboard is still free on laptops, but does not give students total access to the program. By allowing the app to be free, students would have be able to check schoolwork at anytime.

Quinnipiac should be able to give all of its students the app, as part of tuition. Since it’s safe to say the majority of students on campus have a smartphone, there should be no reason for us to not have the app. In the changing world of technology a smartphone is a learning tool to students.