Look ma’ no hands: Technology goes even more wireless

Dana Owen

It has already happened in New York and New Jersey. Connecticut is next. Pretty soon, using a cell phone while driving is going to be illegal everywhere.

In responce to the growing number of people who chuck their cell phones into the back seat every time they see a police officer drive by, technology companies are finding more ways to go wireless. Hands-free cell phones are just the beginning.

One company called “Bluetooth” is completely dedicated to the latest advances in wireless technology. According to the company’s Web site, www.bluetooth.com, Bluetooth offers short-range wireless connections for a variety of electronic devices including phones, MP3 players, and computers. The technology allows an individual to connect multiple devices to a single device such as a personal computer with a wireless mouse and keyboard, or a palm pilot with a phone and computer.

Bluetooth also offers a headset that allows you to dial and answer phone calls and access phone numbers hands-free through an audio device activated by sound.

According to the Web site, the five latest products on the market include the HP IPAQ rx375 Mobile Media Companion, a palm-pilot looking device that allows you to access music, photos, and videos and comes equipped with a camera and video games as well as organization features. The JABRA BT250, a mobile phone is just an earpiece and allows for eight hours of talk time, the Parrot CK3100, a gadget that mounts to your car’s dashboard and allows you to make and receive calls using a voice recognition and activation system, the Bluetooth Audio Player OBH-0100 which is basically a wireless MP3 player, and the Nokia 6600 which features a 65,536-color display, camera with digital zoom, RealOne player, video camera, and advanced text-messaging and sound customization.

Before you get pulled over, go wireless!