Wreck: building changes lead to confusion

Sara Kozlowski

Fall 2015 at Quinnipiac University is finally here and students are returning to campus only to discover that there have been some new changes with the buildings. Incoming freshmen wouldn’t have any idea that things are different, but everyone else will unfortunately be super confused.

During the summer, while everyone was gone, the law school moved from the Mount Carmel campus to a brand new building on the North Haven campus. In addition, the school of communications has taken the law’s schools previous location on the Mount Carmel campus.

The new communications building is called the Center for Communications and Engineering, which complicates everything. There is an engineering center in Tator hall. There is the Ed McMahon center for communications students in the old communications building. Basically everything is all over the place and students aren’t going to know where they’re supposed to go for their classes.

Even though freshmen aren’t familiar with the way things were last semester, they are still likely to get mixed up when they’re trying to find their classes for syllabus week. For example, engineering students might think their class is in Tator Hall if they remember from their tour that there is an engineering center there. In reality, the class will most likely be completely across the Quad in an entirely different building.

Law students will also have to go off main campus just to attend classes. Since there is no current shuttle to the North Haven campus, a lot of students are going to be left in the dust—especially those who have no means of transportation.

These new changes will impact law, communications and engineering students the most, but this is a large portion of students. With any luck, we will all get used to the new changes quickly. But for now we’ll just complain.