Polling institute should be more accomodating

Julia Latora

The Quinnipiac Polling Institute should do more to accommodate student employees. The management needs to take steps towards making the work environment more comfortable for the interviewers if it wants them to stay.

The Polling Institute is a boring place to work. The confining cubicles and the rule against talking to others while at work makes time pass slowly. Giving the employees coffee to keep them alert would help them do a better job. Also, allowing the employees to bring reading material to work would help to curb boredom while punching phone numbers to find participants to complete the survey.

The temperature in the poll buildings is always at one extreme or another. Too many bodies in close proximity are making the room too warm. Hot temperatures cause the employees to fall asleep at their terminals, while cold temperatures make them want to hibernate under the desk. The thermostat should be fixed so that the employees can be comfortable.

Many student employees do not want to work on weekends because they feel that they work hard all week and need the weekend to rest. As a remedy, the Poll should try to hire more non-students to work the weekend shifts.

However, the students should be reminded that a job with any employer means responsibility and compromise. Recently, the poll has offered work incentives, such as giving out prizes to interviewers who get a lucky survey number. This is a step in the right direction, but more can be done.