The other incoming class: Transfer students

Annie Patch

Freshmen were not the only new students to start classes at Quinnipiac this fall. Many transfers also joined the university community this past August 24.

Many tend to forget that even though transfers may be incoming sophomores or even juniors, they are still first year students at Quinnipiac. Transfers often do not know anyone on campus and are just as new as a typical freshman; although many transfer students believe that freshmen have a much more organized structure to welcome them to the university than them.

Transfer students have all the basic problems of starting at a new school as freshmen.

Although transferring may sound scary, many transfers , like sophomore Jennifer Ambrogio seem to be getting into the scheme of things on campus.

“I like it here so far. I love my roommates and I am really happy that they put me with two other transfers. We can all relate because we are in the same position,” said Ambrogio, who transferred from Wheelock College.

“I like it here a lot; it wasn’t hard to find things to do because I know someone who goes here. He introduced me to all of his friends and now my roommates and I hang out with them on the weekends,” said sophomore Rachel Podos.

At this university many transfer students are finding things to do.

“I’m getting along great. I always find things to do when walking around campus and I have met a lot of cool people here,” said junior Ben Gilbert, who transferred here from Iona College.

Although many transfer students are having a good time here, they were not hesitant in offering suggestions to make the transferring process easier and more enjoyable.

“There should definitely be a separate orientation for transfer students,” ssaid ophomore Molly Poirier, who transferred from LaSalle.