May weekend musts

Sarah Harris

It’s the last weekend to enjoy the spring weather before studying for finals begins. May weekend is a time to get together with friends and have a year end hurrah before you go your separate ways for summer. The Chronicle compiled a list of must-dos for this upcoming weekend.

Don’t just hike it, jump it. Everyone knows hiking the giant can be fun but have you ever went and cliff jumped? To the left of the mountain is a little lake with cliffs above it. If you don’t feel like jumping, or even going in the water, there’s a nice sandy area to sit right where the water meets the land. Bring blankets and food and enjoy the real outdoors.

Escape to the falls. If you’re looking for more of a getaway with a little road trip, check out Kent Falls State Park. It’s about an hour and a half away from school and is definitely worth the drive. There are stairs to the top of the cliff and, as you climb, you watch the waterfalls go down the hill. It isn’t just one waterfall either, it’s multiple, and it’s beautiful. At the bottom, there are tables to eat at and a grassy field perfect for playing frisbee and soccer.

Daffodil Festival. Take a 25 minute drive to Meriden to see the Daffodil Festival. They showcase more than 600,000 daffodils. Not only are there flowers but craft vendors, live music, food and admission is free. It’s this weekend from April 27 to April 28. What better way to spend the outdoors than with flowers, food and music?

 Tubing for cheap. Drive over to New Hartford where Farmington River Tubing is located. The river stretches 2.5 miles and it’s only $20 per person. A great way to kick back with friends and enjoy the water and scenery under the hot sun before a stressful week of studying for finals.

Mini Golfing. Mini Golfing is completely underrated. It’s a great way to hang out with people and do something rather than just sitting around. The sport is slow enough to be able to chat with plenty of people and relaxed enough so it doesn’t feel like playing a competitive sport. A great place to go mini golfing is Only Game In Town in North Haven.

Stress Relievers. Instead of sitting around, try getting some exercise to relieve stress before a packed week of studies. Connecticut is full of different mountain bike trails. There are some extremely close to Quinnipiac as well. Some places even allow people to rent bikes. Another way to relieve stress is hot yoga. It’s the perfect way to sweat out toxins at the end of a stressful weekend. Check out Balanced Yoga in New Haven where they offer all sorts of yoga classes.