Rave: Wentworth proves it’s worth the money

Kellie Mason

The snow has finally melted and students are out enjoying the sun on the Quad. There is nothing better than homemade ice cream on a warm, spring day. Wentworth’s is a perfect treat after hiking the Sleeping Giant. It’s not a far walk from main campus either. You can reward yourself for exercising with a cup or cone and then burn off the calories by walking back to campus.

It’s a quaint little shop with scales, which is ironic seeing as the sweet treats are made with a lot of sugar and heavy cream. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, you can find the line almost out the door. The young ladies behind the counter welcome every customer with a friendly greeting and smile.

“It’s very family friendly and I love that I can sit outside on a nice day,” sophomore Tesni Phillips said.

The homemade ice cream parlor is open seasonally.

The ice cream shop is a very popular attraction in Hamden. Students who go to school close to Wentworth’s can enjoy the rich ice cream year round.

“I am attempting to try every flavor,” sophomore Tiffany Morrissey said.

Because the ice cream is homemade, there is more room to be creative. A crowd pleaser is the cookie monster: blue ice cream with baked chocolate cookie bites. Their waffle cones are also pressed fresh daily, their smoothies are made with fresh fruit and they have two yogurt flavors. They’re tasty and healthy, a perfect combination.

Sophomore Gina Miele gets the hot fudge sundae every time she goes to the ice cream shop.

“It tastes like heaven,” she said.

Wentworth’s menu is extensive so it’s harder to choose something you love then leave empty handed. From hot fudge sundaes to ice cream sodas, they have it all. And if you bring a canine pal along, they have an ice cream that’s safe for dogs to eat.

Wentworth’s is the answer to a pre-finals week treat. So head over before the end of the semester for a massive cone of chocolate fudge brownie with rainbow sprinkles.