Rave: 2048 craze hits classrooms

Alexa Orban

It’s a gridlock. The numbers will make your head spin. Have you played 2048 yet?

2048 is a simple game that has a 4-by-4 grid with numbers on it. You have to combine the same numbers and keep making them bigger and bigger.

It seems like a harmless game, but it soon becomes addicting. Many students have been playing the game in class and can’t seem to stop. Once the game starts, there may be no going back. Getting to that 2048 tile soon becomes an impossible goal.

The person to blame for all those addicted to the game is Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old from Italy. Cirulli made the game 2048 based on a similar game called 1024. He made the game for fun and is not taking credit for designing it because it is so close to 1024.

At first, 2048 looks like a Sudoku board, but it is far from it. It is really an addicting game. It can be confusing to learn, but once you understand the game, it is hard to put your phone down.

It be found by simply searching 2048 on Google and there’s even an app for it.

As a result of the madness, many people are frantically swiping away at their screens to add up the numbers.

Luckily, there seems to be a healthy following with the people playing this game. A quote Cirulli gave to Yahoo! news said, “I have yet to hear stories about people fighting, breaking up or getting fired due to my game, which is good, I guess.”

His game can be considered a success in the making because it has been played more than 50 million times, according to Yahoo! news.

2048 is not only entertaining; it also takes a lot of thinking. Each time a tile is swiped, another appears, then another and the numbers get bigger until the screen fills up.

Once it’s over, you hit the “try again” button to continue the madness.