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Emily’s Music Corner

The music world opens their vaults every Tuesday to release the freshest and newest editions of music material. There’s nothing more thrilling than waking up on Tuesday morning, opening up iTunes, Spotify and music blogs to sift through hours of new songs and albums. “New Music Tuesday” has become an integral part of our popular media culture. If you’re wondering why Tuesday, “one explanation is Billboard magazine, which publishes its charts on Wednesdays. If you release an album on a Tuesday, then you get the maximum seven days of sales counted toward your total (including a full weekend),” according to NPR Music. I personally just like to think that Tuesday needed to liven up its day of the week. Whatever reason, “New Music Tuesday” lives on, so therefore, today on Chronicle Wednesday, here are some of the most anticipated and recently released tracks and albums. Spotify playlist counterpart below to get an actual taste.

New Albums

Foster The People: “Supermodel”

Foster The People’s highly anticipated album since their 2011 album “Torches” has finally been released and fans are pleased. The “Pumped Up Kicks” band stays true to their previous albums’ style with sensational guitar riffs and beats while also incorporating a new refreshing music style. Each song almost creates its own genre and keeps you guessing as you navigate through its depths. Even more fascinating are the ideas behind the songs, which were sparked by their negativity toward popular culture and consumerism. “There are songs that act as a bridge that fans of the first record will grab onto, but also songs that show a side that wasn’t there at all,” FTP said during an interview with NME Magazine. If you enjoyed Foster’s first album, definitely be sure to give their up-beat second album a listen!

 Check Out: “Are You What You Want to Be?”, “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon”, & “Coming of Age”

 MØ : No Mythologies To Follow 

The music industry has recently introduced a new generation of female artists and musical style. MØ, a Danish musician, has been no stranger to the music scene with success in her home country of Denmark. It was time for her music to grace our American ears, so naturally she has released her first album under a U.S. label. MØ’s style can be closely related to the recent trend of creative and “strange” music released by the likes of Lorde, MIA, MS MR and Lana Del Rey. Nevertheless, she does present a style all her own with all 20 songs on her deluxe version offering a different taste of her talent. Just when you think you understand her direction and sound, the next track will leave you guessing and wanting more.

Check Out: “Red in the Grey”,  “Waste of Time”, “Don’t Wanna Dance”

New Singles

“Pumpin Blood” by NONONO

New Swedish band NONONO is breaking out in the U.S. with their hit single “Pumpin Blood!” The song peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and 32 on the Pop Songs and Adult Pop Songs Charts. It’s super upbeat and will no doubt put you in a good mood.

 “Ashes and Ember” by Augustana

The band who released the hits “Boston” and “Sweet and Low” now presents its newest single “Ashes and Ember”. “It was one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had writing a song,” Dan Layus, Augustana frontman said. “I really wanted to both push myself into a more challenging place lyrically and melodically while keeping myself in a place that felt natural and sincere.”

“Tonight You’re Perfect” by  New Politics

The band New Politics has been around since 2010, but its most recent material has finally sparked interest in the mass media with two songs off its new album hitting the radio and charts. “Tonight You’re Perfect” will be stuck in your head for hours!

“Summer” by Calvin Harris

Not much else to say but a typical summer electronic beat induced hit. Kudos once again Mr. Harris!

“Chandelier” by Sia

Ok, so the second you start listening to this song Rihanna will flash in your head (as it was originally written for her). But THEN… when it hits the chorus you’ll be glad Sia is the musician offering her broad musical range and catchiness. “Chandelier” will sure to be successful.

“Pulses” by Karmin

In anticipation for their upcoming debut album, Karmin dropped monster hit “Pulses”. According to a music news site, “the record doesn’t break boundaries. But it punches at them. You can hear the pair focusing their eclectic style track by track.” Regardless, every Karmin song is beyond entertaining.

Playlist: New Music Wednesday


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