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    Wireless Internet provides freedom

    Upon moving in to Quinnipiac University, residents of Larson, Perlroth and Troup Halls discovered that they no longer needed to use a cord or a plug in the wall to navigate the World Wide Web. The wireless network, which was installed over the summer, gives students the opportunity to enjoy all the luxuries of the Internet without the constrictive cable.

    Along with the newly implemented wireless capabilities, an ethernet jack was equipped in each of the four suit rooms. The ethernet jack is faster and more helpful for students who desire to send and receive data in large quantities.

    “Wireless access points eliminate the incentive for students to install private wireless networks that conflict with and compromise the operation of the university network,” said Richard Ferguson, vice president and chief information and technology officer.

    Residents find their new wireless freedom satisfying and entertaining.

    “The wireless network is cool because I can run around my room with my computer and still be online,” said sophomore diagnostic imaging major Wesley Shay.

    Although the wireless system is convenient and beneficial for the residents of Larson, Perlroth and Troup, some students are experiencing a slow or no internet connection which is due to the amount of students who are accessing the Web at the same time. Similar problems happen to students while using the wireless Internet also located in several classrooms, some residence hall common areas, the Bobcat Den and the Arnold Bernhard Library.

    “Having wireless Internet is a good start, but it is really slow sometimes and not all of the web pages load properly,” said Jennifer Parra, a sophomore pre-med major.

    “The wireless internet works pretty fast, but sometimes it cuts you off. Some people have had a problem getting into WebAdvisor,” said junior media production major and Larson Residential Advisor Tamara Irving. “The service is good as long as it works.”

    Residents looking to have a better Internet connection should position their laptops as close to the bathroom as possible because the wireless access points have been installed into each bathroom ceiling. If sitting in the bathroom is not something students are willing to do to get faster service, there is always the other option of using the not so convenient Internet cord.

    “All wireless network users should understand that using peer-to-peer software such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, and myTunes, which generate large amounts of data traffic, will cause the users computer to be blocked temporarily from the wireless network. If you wish to use peer-to-peer file sharing software, please do so using a wired network connection. Although residents of Larson, Perloth and Troup feel that the new system still needs some work, it does seem to come in handy to most students who use it,” stated Quinnipiac University Information Services in an e-mail distributed to the residents of Larson, Perlroth and Troup Halls.

    “I find the wireless system to be very convenient because it creates less wire hazards and more freedom with laptop range,” said sophomore business major Stephanie Gerhard.

    “The system seems to work alright. I have never had a problem with it. There is an ethernet connection for anyone who needs it,” said Mica Kurtz, a sophomore economics major.

    If the wireless system located in the suites remains a success the university hopes to install wireless systems in all residence halls in the future.

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