Rave: Here’s Jimmy

Katie O'Brien

After 22 years, an Emmy award and endless A-list celebrity guests, Jay Leno has stepped down from his hosting duties at “The Tonight Show,” a staple of American late night television.

Enter funny-guy Jimmy Fallon. Previously, Fallon served as the quirky man-child host of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” and before that, one of the players on “Saturday Night Live.”

Fallon took over for Leno on Feb. 17 and since shared the iconic stage with celebrities like Will Smith, Drew Barrymore and Paul Rudd. Using his nice-guy hosting technique and a kind-hearted approach to jokes with a twist of sarcasm, Fallon’s new show is nothing short of an instant success.

Fallon’s new show, like “Late Night,” still includes fan-favorite segments pros & cons, superlatives and suggestion box which have the live audience hysterical immediately upon delivery. The show also continues to feature digital short-style segments. The most recent being “Wastepaper Basketball” with Fallon and professional basketball player Lebron James singing about the art of rolling up pieces of paper while simultaneously duking it out an office, slam dunking into a garbage can.

Fallon has kept his fan base from “Late Night” to “The Tonight Show,” with the debut episode venerating more than 10 million viewers according to Today Entertainment, and selected bits and sketches generating more than 1 million individual views on YouTube.

In a review of the new show, Michelle Stark of the Tampa Bay Times said, “So relax, Jimmy. You’re so winning, and you’ve surrounded yourself with such great talent, that you could do a Late Night retread in your sleep and it’d be entertaining,”

Judging by the first few episodes, “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” is on the fast track to late night television success. If it’s half as good as Late Night, there is a lot of laughs ahead for Jimmy Fallon.