New study abroad column

Erin Elfeldt

With college comes the opportunity to experience a broad range of endeavors and studying abroad is one of them.

To many, the idea of studying abroad may seem intimidating. However, for a Quinnipiac student, the process is not more tedious than the average homework assignment. The cost is about equal to one semester here in Hamden.

Throughout the upcoming fall semester, I plan to record my experiences of studying abroad in London, England. This column will range from the typical overwhelming and exciting feelings of arriving overseas, through the day-to-day life of a student, to the life changing experiences which I encounter.

This semester, 96 students from Quinnipiac studied abroad, a record high for the school. I hope the sharing of my experience will inspire the students who have this opportunity at their fingertips to take full advantage of it.

Life is all about exploring options and taking full advantage of its possibilities. I am excited to share my first hand experience, which I hope will provide more information than any study abroad catalogue could.