DIY: Terrariums

Sarah Harris

By this point, snow days, freezing temperatures and wading through slush have made it seem like winter will never end. Don’t worry — spring will come. Until then, try making this simple terrarium. Water it once a month and it will bring new life to your residence hall.


-glass jar

-small cactus or other succulent plant


-potting soil

-decorations, such as stones, beads or shells (optional)

Step 1: Place a layer of pebbles at the bottom of the jar for drainage purposes.

Step 2: Place soil into the jar. Use as much or as little as desired, as long as there is enough to hold the cactus in place.

Step 3: Dig a hole in the soil for the cactus and plant it. To secure the cactus, pat down the soil around it. Using a spoon or other tool will help protect your fingers from the prickles.

Step 4: Place decorations on the top of the soil. Drizzle a bit of water on your terrarium and enjoy.