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    Changing classes, seasons and status

    It is said that time flies by when you are having fun. With May right around the corner we are all aware of how fast this year passed us by. For the most part, seniors will no longer be college students, juniors will become seniors, sophomores will become juniors and freshmen will be freshmen no more.

    Do you remember what your freshman year was like? Some students spoke about their first year experience here at Quinnipiac University. “My freshman year has been a lot more work than I expected it to be. I had a good amount of fun, which I expected to happen” Brianne Muller, an undeclared communications major said.

    Sarah Handman, a math major, did not know what to expect with her first year away from home. “Not knowing what to expect I can easily say Quinnipiac University met all expectations I would have as a freshman, I am happy here and I love the atmosphere,” Handman said.

    Classroom experience and work load is a huge adjustment as a freshman and many agreed. “My classes were much more difficult than I thought they would be,” Muller said.

    “It was tougher academically then I thought,” Joey Montano, an undeclared business major, said.

    As you gain experience during your first semester it helps knowing how to approach the student-professor relationship in the spring. There are fewer surprises and more confidence within yourself, all depending on how well you did first semester.

    With one year practically under their belt the feeling of returning in the fall comes with some confidence as they have learned many things this year.

    “I feel like I have definitely matured as a person. I can handle more responsibilities and I know that it is up to me and only me to get everything that I have to get done on time,” Muller said.

    “I have gained much more responsibility; I feel I have matured based on the amount of work, responsibility and work ethic that you learn as you become a college student,” Montano said.

    “I had a lot of trouble first semester, partly because I took hard classes and partly because I lacked what I have now learned. I manage my time and get things done,” Handman said.

    Some are glad the tough year is coming to an end yet anxious to return to familiar faces in the fall.

    “Two of my friends live 45 minutes away from me, so we will be seeing each other. We got together over winter break, I don’t see why we wouldn’t over the summer,” Kristin Smith, a media studies major, said.

    Perhaps the biggest excitement will be living in dorms with friends you selected, making this place seem more like home. “We will all have money from working this summer too,” said Handman, excited for the start of school in the fall to do some shopping with her friends.

    All were in agreement that this year did pass by fast, “I’m looking forward to my summer but I will miss my freshman year,” Montano said.

    Jaimee Lee Fedden, a communications major, enjoyed her freshman year. “It went by too fast, it’s going to be weird next year not being the youngest in the crowd,”Fedden said.

    In three weeks life will change for the freshmen here at Quinnipiac, they will very soon be on there way to sophomores, then juniors, and finally seniors.

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