Wreck: Sushi line hours

Sara Kozlowski

Many sushi lovers at Quinnipiac would probably say that the sushi here is far superior to anything provided by Chartwells in the cafe. It’s prepared right before your eyes so it’s fresh, safe and delicious.

Based on observations, there is a noticeable popularity with the sushi line, attracting both upper and lower classmen. The lines can be long, but it’s always worth it. There are really no complaints when it comes to the sushi line except for one thing – the hours.

The sushi bar has become a go-to lunch for many students on campus. The sushi bar is unique and so much better than constantly ordering a burger at B.Y.O.B. or grabbing a plate of pasta everyday. It’s also one of the cafe’s healthier options for hungry students looking for nourishment between classes. They offer a variety of sushi but not at a variety of times.

Most people tend to eat sushi for lunch or dinner, but with the way the hours are set up, it’s only available for breakfast and lunch. Usually for breakfast people like to eat classic breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, french toast, cereal, anything of that nature. But sushi? That’s the last thing people would even think about eating for breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong. Sushi is great, but there’s something about eating raw fish first thing in the morning that really grosses me out. Most people would be willing to eat sushi for dinner and since the line has been so successful, why are the hours so limited? The sushi line could be even more successful if hours were extended.

The sushi line hours should just shift a little. So, instead of opening in the morning, it could open at noon. And, instead of closing at 3 p.m., it could close at 7 p.m. With these new hours, even more people would be able to appreciate the sushi line and have more freedom deciding when they can get it.