Campus swings to Goodman tunes

Renee Traynor

The Sonny Costanzo Concert Series celebrated the Big Band era last Wednesday as jazz vocalist Terry Blaine, pianist Mark Shane, and clarinetist Allan Vache performed “Swingin’ the Benny Goodman Songbook.” The show highlighted many of the female vocalists who once sang with the Goodman Band.

It was standing room only as the crowd gathered to hear traditional jazz tunes which were once played by Goodman.

When the band performed “I Don’t Know Why,” the crowd sang along and tapped their feet. Other songs included “Time On My Hands,” “Would You Like to Take A Walk,” and “Why Don’t You Do Right.”

The audience consisted of members of the local community as well as students. The age range varied greatly, but the show was enjoyed by all.

“The show was great,” said Rob Guerrera, a junior broadcast journalism major. “It was nice to hear some music that didn’t talk about tragic childhoods, breakups, or anything like that.”

Ann Schneider, a member of the class of 1955 from North Haven, “thought the show was fantastic because I’m an older person and I remember this music.”

Blaine and Shane have performed together for the past twenty years. They first met when they both worked at Caf