QU Independent Film Festival to present

Anne Wrobel

“Lights, Camera, ACTION!” is the usual beck and call for any director to get the vision in their minds plastered on a movie screen for all to see. Film directors often have to overcome various factors in order to have their vision be precise, such as the perfect lighting or camera angles. Despite an overwhelming amount of stress and struggle, the director eventually comes up with a product which he or she hopes others relate to and receive well.

While some directors are well developed with their craft, up and coming directors here at the Quinnipiac campus will be showcasing their raw talents in the second annual Quinnipiac University Independent Film Festival from 1-4 p.m. in Alumni Hall on April 24.

Jennifer Rosenbaum, a representative for the class of 2007, which is sponsoring the event, is optimistic about the success of the festival. “A lot of time and effort go into producing a film for a class or just for fun and this gives the students a chance to compete with other Quinnipiac students,” she said. With a close-knit competition and the lure of cash prizes, QUIFF is sure to be a match for anyone who has a love of films.

QUIFF is similar to the film industry’s annual Sundance Festival, where a handful of independent film directors gather together to get their work out to the public for recognition and praise. The Student Government Association and Class of 2007 welcomed student submissions of short films, approximately ten minutes long, to be considered for the competition, up until last week’s deadline. Judging will occur this week by the QUIFF staff and a showcase of independent films will be presented on Sunday. The event will also feature on-site judging with a cash prize going to the one director who receives the best feedback.

“I am looking forward to observing how my fellow classmates have applied what they have learned in their classes and the different types of films they have made. Also, it is a great opportunity to inspire others towards films either making them or writing for them,” Karla Ward, a junior media production major said, of the upcoming festival.

QUIFF has been a great venue for young, talented hopefuls to show their work to the Quinnipiac student body in the past and it hopes to retain that image with the second annual event. Anyone interested in attending the event or presenting their projects should contact [email protected] for further details.