Rave: QU Ranked No. 20

Caisse Davis

After more than 10,000 responses from high school seniors that Universityprimetime.com collected, Quinnipiac University was ranked 20th on the “Top 100 colleges students wish they could attend.”

Since Quinnipiac is a medium-sized private university with 6,430 undergraduates, making No. 20 out of 100 is a tremendous accomplishment. No. 20 only proves Quinnipiac is becoming a more popular choice for prospective students.

On Universityprimetime.com’s “Top 100” list, Quinnipiac is a choice before many well-known universities. Some include Rutgers University, Temple University, Boston College, Michigan State University and Penn State University.

Coming before big-named colleges says a great deal for Quinnipiac. Students are excited to know their university has even more potential of becoming one of those schools more teenagers are striving to be accepted to.

“When I first committed to Quinnipiac last year, I remember most of my friends and family had never even heard of the school,” said Jordyn Platz, a freshman biology major from Toms River, N.J. “Now, many seniors from my old high school are interested in Quinnipiac…I think this is great publicity for Quinnipiac and it can add greatly to the expansion of our school.”

Quinnipiac has also been named No. 1 on the U.S. News’ list of “Up-and-Coming” Regional universities in the north of 2013.

If Quinnipiac’s gorgeous campus, state of the art facilities and outstanding education system was not enough to win someone over, this may just be the push that does.

Quinnipiac may not have been number one on Universityprimetime.com’s list of “Top 100 Colleges Students Wish they could Attend”, but Quinnipiac’s Bobcats are excited for the popularity our school is receiving.