Success in Iraq is crucial

Lindsy Hubby

Scott Stephanou’s article on “Hard times for war opponents” was on target when he asserted “Success in Iraq is crucial. In fact, it is so important that it transcends the political stakes we all invested in the war”.

If only more of us would share that sentiment. We can find common ground in that statement. For the record, I am a retired Marine officer. My son is a 22-year-old Marine serving in Iraq. Despite my conservative leanings, I am more than willing to hear out critics of the war and this president when it is presented in a non-venomous, well-thought-out approach. Mr. Stephanou’s approach could be characterized as truly progressive, rather than left wing fanatical.

He felt the president was wrong in going to war, yet correctly asserted we must now unite behind the president’s efforts for Iraqi freedom . Like Bush or not, that means supporting a policy that seems to be having a measurable positive effect in the region, let alone Iraq. Positive effect for freedom-seeking people means positive effect for us. At the risk of being labeled a “mouthpiece for Bush,” free people do not terrorize others, and they don’t harbor terrorists. That adds up to a safer America and a safer world.