Iraq elections were illegitimate

George Greenwald

Scott Stephanou seems to make the assumption that the elections that took place in Iraq were legitimate or fair. I think it is naive to assume that the U.S. would invade Iraq against the will of most of the world’s citizens [including it’s own], on completely false premises, suffer the deaths of 1500 U.S. soldiers, kill thousands of Iraqi citizens [now an absolute minimum of 150,000 and likely closer to 200,000], set up a puppet “interim” government and then risk control and direction of the country and region in a real election. That didn’t happen. That won’t happen.

There were real reasons for the invasion. The reasons were not WMD, terrorists, democracy, nasty dictatorship or anything else ever uttered by the administration. Follow the money. Big money and domination of an entire region. The United States is an oil addict. The Middle East is the fix. It’s all so very simple.

The “elections” in Iraq were as legitimate as our administration.