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My critique of the university I called home for four years

I was assigned to write the weekly Editor Speaks Out piece for this edition of the paper. After sitting at the computer and starring at the blinking cursor for 35 minutes while discussing with Editor-In-Chief Jamie DeLoma and assistant sports editor William Dawson III what I should write about, it came to me.

Everyday you find something that you wish you could change about the university. Not to say that Quinnipiac is bad by any means, this has been the best experience of my life, but there are things that that could be changed about the university, the administration, the students or athletics. And so instead of writing a 2,000 word article about it, I have decided to make a somewhat short list of my grievances; similar to what Martin Luther did to the Catholic Church back in the day. So here goes…

– The security guard’s purple Geo jeep should not be parked in a space in the car pool lot, it takes up a much needed parking spot.

– Q30 should not have won Organization of the Year for 2004-05 mainly because the integrity of their programming manager was called into question this year.

– The golf carts need to slow down.

– Tuition needs to go down, not up.

– The cafeteria needs to be bigger, not have engraved chairs with bobcat faces on them.

– Science should not be a core requirement for any student that is not a science major.

– We need more parking.

– Juniors should not be forced to live off-campus because the university decides to be greedy and accept too many students.

– It is too windy in the quad.

– Some of the security guards take their jobs too seriously.

– We need more parking.

– QU Daily is propaganda.

– May Weekend should be in May.

– Senior Week is only 3 days and it should be free.

– WQAQ needs to diversify the type of music they play, there is more than just alternative out there.

– We are a Division-I school with Division-III facilities.

– We need more parking.

– Intramural allows people to play on teams who are not even students.

– The library is supposed to be quite. That means no talking.

– Yale has parties called “Quinnipiac Parties” where all the guys come in polo shirts with the collars popped and girls wear tiny skirts. We need an image change.

– People who wear the colored bracelets to be cool, need to take them off.

– Men should not wear pink shirts, I do not care what frat you belong too.

– They should also not go tanning…indoors.

– The “one-inch New Jersey fade” needs to go. If you do not know what I mean, take a look around.

– The vending machines are way too expensive

– Yankee fans need to come up with another chant besides “1918.”

– And the 26-6 thing is also uncreative.

That is it for now, as I feel I have offended enough people and wish not to make more enemies at this time. So in the words of Chris Kurker-Stewart, “Send your poorly worded death threats to box 10.”

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